CATTOY Fish with catnip


This fish-shaped cat toy is filled with dried catnip and dried grass. If your cat should bite the toy in his enthusiasm, the filling isn't poisonous . The fish itself is made of 100% cotton and the tail is made of natural hemp rope.

The catnip (also known as "nepeta") is grown in our garden and dried by ourselves. It is completely free of pesticides.

Most cats love catnip! Cats do respond to the herb in their own way. After sniffing out its scent or eating the plant, some roll over the ground meowing or whimpering, rubbing against the plant (or toy), or standing still with a dull look in their eyes. Drooling and purring also occurs frequently.

All products from my webshop were made by hand, piece by piece, with attention to every detail. When I buy raw materials, I try to use products from local stores with a good reputation for customer and employee ethics. I also do not save on quality: You'll find no fabrics that are too thin, no single-layer masks, no assembly line work...

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